Stay Home, Stay Safe
How to protect yourself against COVID-19 in cold, harsh weather

Covid-19 is a world-known ongoing global pandemic that continues to wreak havoc as it has now entered its tenth month in India. After defying the previous predictions that the Covid-19 virus won’t survive in extremely hot summers, it is now going to enter the winter months. Up until now this virus has sustained summer, spring, autumn, and monsoon and has proven to be an all-season virus turning to be unstoppable. It is only increasing its spread with time and with on-coming winters, one needs to be more alert and careful.

How do winters make Covid-19 more lethal?

The fundamental nature of the virus is as such that it survives longer in dry air and cold climate as low humidity promotes evaporation of virus particles and aerosol formations. Also, less exposure to sunlight leads to a reduction in Vitamin-D in the body which further weakens the immune system.

How can we forget pollution while talking about winters?

Here we thought it was only winters, making covid-19 worse, but now add pollution to the mix and it’s a disastrous recipe for human survival.

Past several years, every winter the air quality in Northern India dips to a dangerous low and impacts people severely suffering from chronic bronchitis and inflammation in the lungs. Now, given the on-going situation, these people are more prone to Covid-19. And boom, now the severity of the virus will further increase.

How can we protect ourselves from pollution and Covid-19 at the same time?

If you think that pollution is new normal or isn’t something to worry about then you are highly mistaken. Pollution itself causes more than 2 million deaths a year in India. Yes, you heard right, 2 million deaths a year.

Pollution is like a slow poison that we inhale in our day-to-day life and are being casual about it. It’s about high-time to take a step towards our protection from pollution. And the good part is that the solution is readily available in the market. We only have to be aware of it and spread this awareness further.

The ‘Raksha 4 Ply Anti-Pollution Mask’ of brand 3Se, a subsidiary of KeePharma, is the 2-in-1 mask that provides protection from Covid-19 and pollution at the same time. It is effective against droplets, particles, dust, smog, pollutants, and contaminants and provides 99% bacteria filtration efficiency.

Its key features are:

1. Active carbon filter for superior filtration against contaminants and impurities.

2. Concealed adjustable nose clip to ensure a perfect seal, fit, and comfort.

3. Superior construction - thermally sealed seams and ear loops.

4. Single-use disposable.

5. Latex and silicone-free.

6. Skin-friendly material.

7. Lightweight and comfortable - designed to reduce user fatigue.

How to be prepared for winters and Covid-19 together?

The basic drill to protect ourselves from Covid-19 is social distancing, wearing masks at all times when outdoor, and practicing good respiratory and hand hygiene. This is essential and if followed properly then the transmission of the virus is interrupted and slowed down.

But as for winters, we do need to take care of certain points:

1. Keep your indoors ventilated - Low ventilation increases the spread of the virus and causes respiratory problems. Use home purifiers or humidifiers for proper indoor ventilation and for maintaining indoor air level.

2. Maintain proper diet – Intake healthy-nutrient-rich diet especially grains like wheat, maize, millet, quinoa, etcetera as they provide an entire-lot of immunity-boosting minerals like zinc, magnesium, selenium along with phytonutrient chemical compounds that preserve the oxidative stress beneath the management.

4. Regular Exercise – It is always recommended to look after yourself and to maintain a healthy fit body as exercise promotes better functioning of the immune system. 30 minutes of simple exercise is sufficient every day.

5. Take proper sleep – For adults, seven to eight hours of sleep is necessary because good sleep means good healthy mind and body. Nighttime is the most effective time to sleep.

6. Yoga and meditation – It is important to maintain a healthy balance of mind and body so that no stress and its implications remain as stress is toxic for mental and physical health. 30 minutes of simpler yoga exercises and 15 minutes’ meditation is recommended every day.

7. Maintain Vitamin-D level in your body – Don’t stay indoors all the time to protect yourself from cold, harsh weather. In the day time, expose yourself to natural sunlight and soak up as much Vitamin-D as you can because it strengthens the immune system. And we all know how important it is to strengthen our immunity in these trying times. To know more about the importance of immunity in Covid-19, read one of the previous blogs ‘Boost your immunity against Covid-19.’

There has never been a more important time in our lives like the present time, where we have to take care of ourselves and our loved ones with utmost sincerity and safety. And this coming winter, let’s progress with safety and security in the right direction against Covid-19. Stay safe, stay protected.