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About Us

KEE HEALTHCARE, a subsidiary of pharmaceutical company KEE PHARMA, has entered the segment of Personal Protective Equipment (KN95 masks, Surgical 3 Ply Masks, Surgical Gowns, Surgical & Isolation Coveralls, Nitrile Gloves, Protective Eyewear, Face Shields, Surgical Caps, Hazmat Bags) under its brand 3Se.

Who we are

With quality and safety as our cornerstones, Kee Healthcare has followed in the footsteps of its parent company Kee Pharma Limited established in 1957. For the past 63 years, Kee Pharma Limited, one of the pioneers of the Indian pharmaceutical industry, has provided customers with reliable, cost-effective, high quality products.

Our Mission

At Kee Healthcare we follow a clearly charted map of our key priorities:

a) User safety and comfort
b) Focus on the scientific and technical structure of the product
c) A high-quality product that is cost effective

Our Operations

Using the 3S formula, a dedicated team ensures the manufacturing process follows standardised norms in state-of-the-art mechanised facilities using the best and latest technologies.

3Se maintains a steady 4-part end –to- end cycle in the production process.

a) material selection keeping in mind purpose of usage.
b) Design in terms of comfort, fit and safety. Attention is also paid to aesthetics.
c) Following stringent manufacturing norms.
d) Products tested under various criterions to achieve the standardised domestic and international certifications.


Our Team

Kee Healthcare is led by a team of professionals with vast experience in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and design segments. This team is driven by a continuous urge to improve the performance of existing products and the development of new products. The collaborative spirit encouraged in the company has helped Kee Healthcare to stay ahead in this competitive industry.

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Anil Motihar
Founder Kee Healthcare
Managing Director Kee Pharma

Anil Motihar entered the Pharmaceutical Industry in 1987. He managed Kee Pharma’s Marketing & Sales division before he took over Operations of the company in 1994 and continues to head the organization. Anil has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from Delhi University.

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Varun Motihar
Managing Director
Kee Healthcare

Recipient of prestigious awards ,he has worked in the field of design since 2010. His focus is on product development and excellence in both product design and quality. Varun has a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the American University, Washington DC and a Higher Education Diploma in Design from the KLC School of Design, London.  

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Dr. Kanwar Deep
General Manager Sales
Kee Healthcare

22 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Business Development and Portfolio Management in the Pharmaceutical Sector. Kanwar Deep last worked for Masters Specialty Limited UK (London) as a National Sales Manager for specialty medicines. He handled India and the SAARC countries. Kanwar has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from Delhi University and Higher Education Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences. 


Kee Healthcare’s products are sold by a 135 strong sales team spread over 12 states in the country. Their reach covers both metropolitan cities as well as small towns bordering rural India thus making quality products available to a large segment of the population.

The reliability of both the product as well as the performance of the team is engineered to keep doctors and other frontline health workers safe. “Protecting People” is the motto of Kee Healthcare and all divisions of the company are encouraged to work towards this goal.

Our Philosophy

Under our brand 3Se 1. Safe 2. Secure 3. Superior

Kee Healthcare has developed a portfolio of differentiated and high quality Personal Protective Equipment.


Kee Healthcare has responded swiftly to the current Covid-19 epidemic. Extensive research is continuously being done by our team to suit the requirements of healthcare workers in different environments and situations. We have been able to put together a comprehensive range of Personal Protective Equipment. Extreme care and attention has been paid to every aspect of the product keeping the emphasis on ‘safety for the user’ as the common denominator for each decision.

Certification and Licensing

All 3Se products are certified by domestic authorities: SITRA, DRDO

The certifications guarantee the quality of the product both in terms of correct design and material specification.

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